Once you have read this (10 DISGUSTING FACTS ABOUT FAST FOOD) it is unlikely that you would want to go to eat at a fast food restaurant again. These unbelievable though 100% true facts are good enough to stop me from going to such places.

  • The average fast food consumer consumes 12 public hairs in any given year.
  • Bacteriophages have been given approval by the FDA to be used on processed food like hot dogs, cutlet, lunch meat etc.
  • The cheese available to you In the market that is labeled as processed is just half of what you want (the product) while the rest of the product is additives, chemicals and flavoring that has nothing to do with the product.
  • FDA has given approval for an average of 30 insect fragments that includes rodent hair per 100 grams of peanut butter.
  • Shellac a product used to give improved shining to the wood and furniture could be a member in your stomach, since it is also used for food product.
  • Salad is considered to be the healthiest option among fast food patron, but very little is known about its packing in an antifreeze compound, Propylene Glycerol that is known to cause eye and skin irritation.
  • You must not have noticed that that the chicken items listed in the fast food chains contains beefs additives, that is been mentioned as an essence or an extract and is used to improve the flavor and change its health or nutritional stats.
  • Every can of coke you consume has a lot of sugar in it, around 10 teaspoon of sugar, which is hell more than your body would want daily. It is just because of an additive phosphoric acid which lowers the level of sugar that you don’t puke out automatically after having the can.
  • MacDonald itself uses a bizarre blend of 50 chemicals like those of ethyl acetate, phenethyl alcohol and solvent to match the taste of real strawberry.
  • Chicken is the worst of all! It is obtained as slurry of pink paste by a chemical procedure, causing extreme bacterial growth, so it has to be cleaned in ammonia and then have to be added with essence that is more chemicals. Furthermore it is dyed to get the exact color. So just think what you are buying isn’t worth consuming, and think before ordering some chicken nuggets mate.
So what are you waiting for. If you are a fast food freak you certainly need to change your diet.
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