Elephant Building, Thailand

Elephant Building, BangkokThis high rise located in Bangkok, Thailand was built to resemble an elephant and as a result has managed to make its way into nearly every ranking of ugly building every assembled.

Kaden Tower, Kentucky

Kaden TowerIn spite of the intricate detail and effort put into decorating this building in downtown Louisville, it hasn’t stopped it from consistently being rate one of the ugliest buildings on Earth.

The Fang Yuan Building, China

The Fang Yuan Building, ChinaThis coin shaped building in Shenyang, China just wasn’t creative enough to stay off of the ugly lists.

The Portland Building, Oregon

The Portland BuildingThe small boring windows, off white masonry, and terracotta pilasters have all been cited as contributing to the ugliness factor.

Delftware Warming Station, The Netherlands

Delftware Warming Station, The NetherlandsNotable for having been identified as the ugliest building in Holland according to a prominent Dutch newspaper.

Selfridges Department Store, England

Selfridges Department Store, EnglandFound in Birmingham’s Bull Ring Shopping Center, the face of Selfridges Deparment Store leaves some people swooning and others cringing.

Petrobras Headquarters, Brazil

Petrobras Headquarters, BrazilUnfortunately the headquarters of this Brazilian energy company continues to find itself ranked among the ugliest buildings in South America.

The Rock, Wellington International Airport, New Zealand

The Rock, Wellington International Airport, New ZealandA relatively new addition to the ugly pages, this extension of the Wellington International Airport in New Zealand was constructed in 2010.

Boston City Hall, Massachusetts

Boston City Hall, MassachusettsAlthough it may have been considered hip and cool for its time, the building is often criticized today for its dreariness and out-of-place architecture.

CCTV Headquarters, Beijing, China

CCTV Headquarters, Beijing, ChinaServing as headquarters to China Central Television, this interestingly shaped building is also known as the “squatting man”.

Roundhouses, Netherlands

Roundhouses, NetherlandsAfter building 50 or so in the 1970′s there wasn’t enough support to continue building these futuristic looking houses in the small European country, for somewhat obvious reasons.

The Sugar Cube, England

The Sugar Cube, EnglandAlthough its strikingly odd design surely flatters some, there is a good number of people voting this building onto the ugly list.

National Library, Buenos Aires

National Library, Buenos AiresQuite literally a center for higher learning given its elevated position, the national library of Argentina is well known for its unappealing exterior.

Landmark Theater, England

Landmark Theater, EnglandSet along the coastline of Ilfracombe in England, these strange looking, out of place towers are actually a rooftop addition to the Landmark Theater.

First World Hotel, Malaysia

 First World HotelThis Malaysian hotel is a perfect example of how a paint job can just ruin everything.


The Corn Palace, South Dakota

The Corn PalaceSometimes referred to as the ugliest building in the midwest, the facade is redone every year in different kinds of corn to recreate a mural of pioneer life.

Federal Building, San Fransisco

Federal Building, San FransiscoAlthough this government building is supposed to be friendly towards the environment, some locals complain that it is not very friendly to the eyes.

La Lavadora, Mexico City

La Lavadora, Mexico CityAs you can see there is a reason this building is known as La Lavadora, or “the washer”. Set in one of Mexico City’s upscale business districts it definitely stands out against the background and generated mixed reactions.

Pangu Hotel, Beijing

Pangu Hotel, BeijingYet another interesting piece of Chinese architecture, there is no city with more entries on the “ugly buildings” list than Beijing.

Agbar Tower, Barcelona

Agbar Tower, BarcelonaThere are few buildings in the world that can almost be considered objectively bad ideas…and this is one of them.

Antilia, Mumbai, India

Antilia, Mumbai, IndiaInterestingly enough what is one of the ugliest buildings in the world is also the most expensive house in the world with a full time staff of over 600 people.

Žižkov Television Tower, Prague, Czech Republic

Žižkov Television Tower, Prague, Czech RepublicBuilt during the communist regime, the Zizkov tower has often been rated to be one of the ugliest buildings in the world and was not received warmly by locals, if not because it “ruined” an otherwise beautiful city skyline.

Stora Enso Building, Finland

Stora Enso Building, FinlandSupposedly taking inspiration from Venetian Palaces there are a number of people residing in Helsinki that would beg to differ.

Edificio Mirador, Spain

Edificio MiradorHighlighted by a large hole right in its center, different colors represent different apartment blocks, each with its own planning.

Ryugyong Hotel, North Korea

Ryugyong Hotel, North Korea


  1. that hotel building in Malaysia quiet good and look nice for me...also that building in North Korea...nice piramid/triangle arhitecture there..

  2. Maybe to some these are ugly, However I found some rather neat looking. As for the Corn Palace, That IS not even close to being UGLY> Not only the design but the meaning behind it is the most beautiful thing. So who ever picked these places needs GLASSES!

  3. Should rename this to "Worlds most (subjectively) ugliest buildings" or "Worlds most ugliest buildings... according to us." Because a lot of these look unique and artsy, they take a few artistic liberties in their designs and stand out. Some of them look a little outlandish, or gaudy, like it came out of the building creator in Spore™, but that's the beauty of it! If all of our buildings in society looked uniform and same, cities would be boring as hell, it's these noticeable rarities that create landmarks and cause cities to stand out as well!

  4. The picture of Stora Enso is not correct. This is an image from the video "Modern times forever" which shows the deterioration (not for real) of this iconic building. The real image of Stora Enso Headquarter is very beautiful in my opinion and should not appear on this list.

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