Well, This is not the first time we’re reading or hearing this kind of line, as we already know about many Unbelievable Stories, we have already seen and read many cases of Money madnessbefore but this is different and new, Here is an unbelievable story of a young boy who became Crorepati at the age of  21 only because of his determination and hard work, his talent made himbillionaire in just one year but then he lost his all money on Sex and Gambling.

A book which is an American innovator’s biography named ‘Young and Stupid’ is in trend and very popular, The book is about the life of 23 years young innovator from America, Andrew Fashion. Andrew became a billionaire in only one year because of his sharp talented mind, and he lost everything he earned because of his high profile lifestyle.
Unbelievable Story of Money madness
Andrew Fashion earned 14 Crore Rupee in just one year at the young age of 21, but due to his fetish for a high-profile life and his womanizing ways, he spent all the money and even piled up debt for enjoyment.
Andrew was very talented from his childhood, He used the mechanical pencils to make small toy rocket launchers and sell them to his friends at a very early age in his school. He even got those pencils banned in the school as they were used to trouble teachers.
How talented was Andrew can be easily determined from the fact that, He left studying in tenth standard to work for a popular social networking website Myspace.com. He used to earn nearly100,000  US dollars per month from the social networking website.
The rising of income raises his expenses as well, after some time, his income from the website dropped drastically. This resulted in a huge pile up of debt.
Nowadays, he is working hard to get ends meet. He is developing a website to earn money again. He also wrote his biography in which he has given a detailed account of his rise and fall.
image source : Bhaskar news. Post source : Daily.bhaskar.com


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