Trift Bridge, Switzerland

Trift Bridge, SwitzerlandAs one of the highest and longest suspension bridges in the Alps nothing more than a couple planks of wood and some steel cables separate hikers from the icy glacier hundreds of feet below.

Half Dome, Yosemite National Park

Half Dome, Yosemite National ParkAlthough in the early 20th century this peak was declared “perfectly inaccessible” since then thousands of hikers have made the steep climb up its rocky slope with the assistance of a couple cables attached to the top.

CN Tower Edgewalk, Toronto

CN Tower Edgewalk, TorontoOn the 116th floor of the CN Tower there is a “sidewalk” that loops around the outside of the building. Every year between the months of May and October tourists can strap themselves in and lean out over the city to get a spine tingling adrenaline rush.

Devil’s Pool at Victoria Falls

Devil's Pool at Victoria Falls, ZimbabweThis natural rock pool on the edge of Victoria Falls in Zambia is a popular destination for tourists seeking a close brush with death. If you’re feeling adventurous you can even lay down with your arms extended over the edge.

The Eiger, Switzlerand

The Eiger, SwitzlerandThis mountain in the Bernese Alps is one of the more treacherous climbs in the world. It’s north face alone has claimed over 60 lives in the past 70 years.

Golden Rock, Myanmar

Golden Rock, MyanmarTeetering on the edge of Mt. Kyaikhtiyo is a popular pilgrimage sight for Buddhists who believe the trek to the summit will give them good health and fortune.

Trolltunga, Norway

Trolltunga, NorwayJutting out of the mountain above Skjeggedal in Odda, Norway, this outcropping’s name literally translates to “Trolls Tongue” in Norwegian.

Tyrol Platform, Austria

Tyrol Platform, AustriaAt first glance this observation deck located almost 11,000 feet above Stubai glacier near Tyrol, Austria looks like little more than a high dive platform. The only way to get here is to take a cable car and then climb a long staircase to the top. On clear days though, the journey is worth it with views reaching as far as Venice, Italy.

Gozo Cliffs, Malta

Gozo Cliffs, MaltaDropping straight down into the Mediterranean Sea these insanely high outcroppings are perfect for cliff diving, or maybe just watching the sunset if you want to play it safe.

Llangollen Canal, Wales

Llangollen Canal, WalesJust east of Llangollen, Wales you will find the world’s longest and highest aqueduct. Every year it ferries thousands of boats across its narrow span and with no guard rails the ride can be a bit annerving as the boat slams against the metal sides of the trough.

Preikestolen, Norway

Preikestolen, NorwayAlso known as the Preacher’s Pulpit, visiting this 600 meter high cliff is not recommended in winter or spring when the path to the top is paved with ice. In summer though the view of the valley below is breathtaking.

Meteora Monasteries, Greece

Meteora Monasteries, GreeceThe surreal Meteora monasteries of Greece were originally built by monks to be a refuge from Turkish invaders and until 100 years ago there wasn’t any way to get to them except for rope ladders. Today, however, you can take a cable car or walk up the perilous staircase cut into the stone.

Gordon’s Bay, Cape Town

Gordon's Bay, Cape TownThese cliffs found not far from the legislative capital of South Africa surround a calm bay and are often used by thrill seekers as a diving platform.

Atlanterhavsveien, Norway

Atlanterhavsveien, NorwayThe Atlantic Ocean Road (Atlanterhavsveien) in Norway is just as precarious as the other places on this list albeit for a different reason. Winding its way across the surface of the waves motorists have to be extremely cautious as harsh winds and crashing surf easily make this one of the more dangerous stretches of pavement in the world.

The Huntington Ravine Headwall, New Hampshire

 Huntington Ravine Headwall, New HampshireFormed by a glacier over thousands of years, this headwall on Mount Washington is only accessible by one steep, winding trail. In recent years hikers have been killed by everything from avalanches to icefalls so ascend at your own risk.

Xuankong Temple, China

Xuankong Temple, ChinaLegend has it that the “hanging temple” in China’s Shanxi Province was built by one man. 1500 years later it still stands, or hangs, off the edge of a cliff almost 300 feet above the riverbed below.

Kjeragbolten, Norway

Lysefjorden, NorwayThis world famous rock is precariously locked between two cliffs on Mount Kjerag in Norway. Every year it attracts thousands of visitors bold enough to get their picture taken standing (or crawling) on it. Just don’t look down.

Mont Margeriaz, France

Mont Margeriaz, FranceThis mountain in France’s Savoie region is certainly worth the climb. As beautiful as the view can be, however, don’t get too close to the edge. Falling over would not end well.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Grand Canyon, ArizonaThere is no way we could get through this list without mentioning one of the world’s most famous canyons and at over a mile deep dangling your feet off the edge is sure give you a rush.

Swallows Nest, Ukraine

Swallows Nest, UkraineWhen you think of precariously positioned places probably one of the last things to come to mind would be a castle. The Swallows Nest in Ukraine, however, was built directly over the edge of a cliff overlooking the Black Sea.

Anzhaite Long-span Suspension Bridge, China

Anzhaite Long-span Suspension Bridge, ChinaAt over a thousand feet up this long span suspension bridge is one of the highest in the world. Although driving over the top should be relatively safe, working underneath the bridge can definitely make for some precarious situations.

Mount Hua Plank Walk, China

Mount Hua Plank Walk, ChinaYes, what you see is real. With nothing more than a chain to grasp with your hands and flimsy boards nailed into the mountain for your feet the ascent to the top of this mountain will make your palms sweat just thinking about it.

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

Cliffs of Moher, IrelandLocated in County Clare these cliffs cater to millions of visitors every year with everyone from die hard adrenaline junkies to laid back photographers enjoying the view.

Perrine Bridge, Idaho

Perrine Bridge, IdahoApproximately 480 feet above the snake river in Idaho you will find the only man made structure in the United States where BASE jumping is allowed year round without a permit.

Yungas Road, Bolivia

Yungas Road, BoliviaKnown as the Road of Death, the 38 mile Yungas road connects the Amazon Rain Forest to La Paz, Bolivia. There is not a single guardrail and in many places the road isn’t any wider than 10 feet. With between 200 and 300 people careening tho their deaths every year, it is considered by many to be the most dangerous road on Earth.


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