1. Fidgeting – although quite apparent, some people don’t realize they have this nervous habit and therefore don’t try to do anything to hide it.
 2. Sweating – it is a most common neurovegetative reaction showing high stress levels.
 3. Avoiding eye contact – usually speaks of deception or guilt.
 4. Dilated pupils – if a person supposed to be lying happens to look you in the eyes, watch out for this sign of high stress levels.
5. Long pauses – if a person needs to come up with a lie straight away, they will normally take a tiny bit longer than usual to gather their thoughts. If there are frequent long pauses, there is something fishy about that person.
6. A high pitched voice – another vocal related sign found to be more common when lying.
 7. Too many protests – a person is more likely to be lying if using statements such as ‘i swear’ or ‘to be honest’. It indicates they don’t expect to be believed or trusted.


  1. A liar's pupils are never dilated. They're constricted. Moreover, the muscles around the eyes shift too, making the eyes seem narrower.


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